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INSERT a WOW into your Home

Stoves don’t have to always be freestanding. Insert stoves can add a real WOW to your home. An inset stove can be installed so it sits flush in a suitable wall or chimney breast. One could describe Insert or Inset stoves as a live picture or photo of fire.

Insert stoves give a nice sleek appearance and generally very modern and contemporary.

The new Scan-Line Prestige Insert

Heta introduces the new Scan-Line Prestige Insert. Scan-Line Prestige Insert can be delivered in four different models, to secure the perfect solution for your home. Style, quality and performance reach a new level with the Scan-Line Prestige Insert, which is Danish designed, developed and produced. The design lines are clean and tight, so they match the modern furnishing. With glass on up to three sides, is it possible to have the pleasure of a perfect view to the beautiful flames, regardless of the placement.
HETA Scan-line Prestige Insert

The new Inspire 40 Insert

The popular Inspire Series has been expanded! The new Inspire 40 Insert is the perfect stove for smaller rooms and Heta’s Clean Burn technology lets you enjoy the dancing flames through the large portrait window.
HETA Inspire 40 Inset

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