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Kiln Dried Firewood

Why do we ONLY stock Kiln Dried Wood and not just Seasoned Logs here at The Stove Store Cirencester and the Firewood & Solid Fuel Centre?
The process of Kiln-Drying Wood is undertaken to reduce the moisture content of the fuel to make it more suitable for burning. Unseasoned wood is actually a very poor fuel – the moisture content of an unseasoned log means that a great deal of the energy that is released during combustion is simply wasted in evaporating the moisture content of the log. This wasted energy could be utilised in heating your home or stove but instead it all simply goes up the chimney.

Kiln Drying reduces the moisture content from around 50-60% in unseasoned wood, right down to 15-25% in seasoned hardwood logs. This percentage change makes an incredible difference to the Fuel Efficiency of the wood as combustion releases more energy more effectively.
The reduced moisture content in Seasoned Kiln Dried Logs means that not only is it much easier and quicker to light a fire, but the fire will also burn much hotter and for longer as the combustion is far more efficient.
In a typical fire, burning 10 kiln dried logs with a water content of 25% or less, the same heat output is generated as burning 33 unseasoned logs with a water content of around 60%. This is a real indication of the difference in efficiency!
It takes more than three non-seasoned logs to generate the same amount of heat as every single kiln-dried log. By using Kiln Dried Firewood your fire burns much hotter for longer meaning less fuel is required, reducing fuel bills and the amount of storage space you require in your log store.
During the burning process not only will kiln dried hardwood logs light much quicker, but also because the fuel burns for longer it requires far less attention in keeping the fire stoked with fuel. This is of great advantage in home appliances like stoves and heaters as they require less attention and provide better, cleaner burns.
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