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Fireplace Beams

Beams above a fireplaces is traditional and very common, with modern stoves generating vast amount of heat the distances above these can be placed vary between manufacturers, to help with achieving this traditional look we have a range of real timber beams and some amazing non-combustible options where the required distance to a real timber beam can not be achieved.

Real Timber Beams

Real timber beams, mostly made from solid oak, available in a selection of sizes and can be customised in style and colour, whether you’re after a traditional rustic beam or a clean modern shelf. Our selection of beams can be viewed on our website.

Non-Combustible Beams

Non-combustible beams are very realistic to their timber counterparts, they are made from a mould of a real timber beam, then formed in a resin, this avoids the worry of the beam catching fire due to the heat generated by the stove.

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