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Fireplace Chamber Finishing

There are a number of ways to finish the inside of your fireplace chamber, this can be when your fireplace is opened to its original size or simply finishing inside the existing chamber. Below are the box common options that we can offer.


Rendering is by far the most popular option our teams carry out, we use a special through coloured render, the standard colour we stock is an off-white colour, we can source other colours if our supplier carries these in stock in the small quantities required to finish a standard size fireplace chamber.

Chamber Lining Sets

If you are after something a bit different, there are various options for chamber lining sets, these can include a selection of real bricks, split faced slate both available in a range of colours, styles and patterns.

Real Brick

Our brick chamber linings are made from real bricks that are cut down and fixed onto a heatproof backing board, the bricks can be new or reclaimed.

Split Faced Slate

Real slate that is split, in a range of colours fixed onto a heatproof backing board, these come as standard in a 3 piece kit, that consists of the back panel and 2 sides.

A1 Rated Boards

If you are carrying out the project yourself, an easy option would be to use an A1 Rated board, we stock this board, which can be cut and fixed inside your fireplace chamber, to create a flat uniform surface for you to paint with a suitable paint.You can check stock and purchase this on our website for collection in store.

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