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There are various different types of flue systems that can be used in domestic properties, the most popular and widely used flue systems are Flexible Flue Liners, Insulated Twin Wall Flue Systems and Ceramic/Masonry Chimneys, . We explain the differences and their primary uses below. Remember, we offer a FREE Home Survey during which we would establish what flue system would be required,

The Stove Store Cirencester works closely with a number of specialist suppliers with out main supplier of the flue systems being Flue & Ducting Ltd. They have a comprehensive range range and a selection of products for almost any scenario with Dura Flue being one of the most popular and robust Flexible Flue Liners on the market,

Flexible Flue Liners

Stainless steel flexible flue liners are designed for lining an existing flue or masonry chimney and are suitable for gas, oil and multifuel. There are two grades available, 316L and a higher grade of 904L which is suitable for the extreme conditions found with coal based solid fuel installations.

If your property has an existing chimney then this would normally be the recommended flue system to install, it is cost effective and makes use of the current fireplace in the property.

Insulated Twin Wall Flue Systems

Insulated twin wall flue systems are used where the property does not have a existing chimney or it can be used when an extension is added to the property.

These can be installed generally in two different ways, the first would be straight up through the ceilings/floor then exiting the property through the roof which can either be flat or pitched/tiled.

The other option involves exiting the property either at a 45 degree or 90 degree angle (certained stoves only) generally on an external wall, then the flue system will continue upwards attached to the outside of the property, this method can also be used for example you have an attached single storey garage the flue system can exit the main property as above then exit through the roof in the garage.

Normally there are various locations in the property these can be installed giving you great freedom of positioning the stove and not fixed into the traditional fireplace positions.

Ceramic Flue Systems

Ceramic flue systems are by far the most robust flue system that can be installed in a property and provides a long life span with the option to install a flexible flue liner at a much later date.

This would be a prime solution to choose when building a new build house or extension to an existing, the flue is built during construction of the building project and the installation of the stove at finishing stages of the project. They can also be installed into existing properties to provide a permanent flue solution that will outlast the insulated flue systems with the ability to recreate the traditional fireplace feature.

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