Kiln Dried Silver Birch Firewood 40 litres


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Netted kiln dried silver birch hardwood in 40 litres for open fires and woodburning stoves

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Product Description

Netted kiln dried Silver Birch hardwood in 40 litres, for ease of storage and transport.

Our Kiln Dried firewood logs are selected from the finest hardwood and have been through a kiln drying process which means that they are perfectly seasoned and ready to burn on your fire or wood burning stove with a moisture content below 20%. Their reduced moisture content ensures they burn hotter for longer increasing the efficiency of your stove. In terms of heat output, one kiln dried log is roughly equivalent to three unseasoned wood logs, making them more economical in the long run.

Our firewood is Woodsure “Ready to Burn” Approved meaning it is of the highest quality and meeting the standards to burn as soon as you purchase, helping keep pollution to a minimum. You can read more about this on the Woodsure website.

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